Divider Walls
We can create any type of divider walls you can dream up.  Below are some samples
of our most popular.  Whether you need your divider wall to go around a waterer or
a staircase, we can custom build around most any obstacle.
You may want one
of our custom made
hay racks on your
divider wall with steel
mesh between.
We can
created all
types of saddle
racks and
blanket racks.  
A favorite is the
rotating bridle
racks below.
Hay Rack on divider wall
Let us wrap your dutch doors or any
area you may be worried about your
horse cribbing.
This blanket rack was
custom ordered by the
customer to be installed
on the outside of her
stalls.  Any design can
be achieved.
Standard, Premier and Elite stall fronts and divider walls are 90" tall.

Standard, Premier, Elite and European stall fronts and divider walls
do not include recommended 2 X 6 tongue and grove wood.

Wood packages for Standard, Premier, Elite and European stalls
available, and include 2X6 tongue and grove, cut to length, with
polyurethane finish.

Economy stalls include wood.

All stalls are finished off with a very durable powder coating, you
choose your colors.

Please call for most efficient shipping method.
Some delivery is available to save on shipping costs.

Custom orders available.

Installation available.

Pick up available.
Or, feel free to call us anytime.  We would love to hear from you,
and would very much appreciate your business.  We can quote
fairly quickly, at least give you a ball park to get you started.
Thanks so much for viewing our site.
Our economy stalls are very durable, yet, very affordable,  Features henge doors with large,
easy open, lockable latches.  Wood included.  Your choice of colors.
We offer:

  •       Full Weld, no tacking
  •       No assembly required on economy stalls, only wood assembly on standard, premier and elite stalls.
  •       You choose any color you like.
  •       Our swing out feed, water, and head doors are framed with 2" structural steel like the stalls.
  •       Sliding doors can be positioned to slide either direction.
  •       All of our stalls can be custom arranged without extra charge.
  •       Special designed latches that are easy to use, do not protrude, and are safe for your horses.
  •       Easy, smooth, durable door rollers.
  •       Door tracks are welded on.
  •       Prices include powder coating, no paint.
  •       All of our stalls are of exceptional quality.
You don't get much more durable
than our stalls..."Standard stall frames" are
made from 2"X 2" Structural steel, bars are
3/4" round, 3" apart (2" and 4" spacing
optional), All 14 gauge steel.  You wont
need to worry if they will fit, we custom make
your stalls to fit your barn.
Close up of cross bars with
any type horse or picture you
want. (even you on your horse,
or your farm/ranch brand).
Don't forget to order a name
plate.  Portable mounts
Close-up of water door
with an insulated bucket
holder, and easy open
Flip latch is too easy, no
pulling or tugging to get
your stall door open.
To the left is a sample of one of our most popular, standard stall
fronts, with all the trimmings:

  •       Sliding door
  •       Easy open water door, with an insulated bucket holder
  •       Cross bar w/any breed horse, mule, brand, etc.
  •       Swing out feed door
  •       Drop down head door, (swing out head door available)

We have many options available, including, Lazy Susan hay/feed
doors, custom name plates, decorative style stalls, yoke doors,
and more.  Accessories are available on most styles.
We encourage you to
compare our product quality
and prices.
A special thanks to Sammy Oldham
A special thanks to Dr. O'Brien, DVM for allowing us to
custom build stalls for his miniature horses.  All 16
stalls were custom designed to fit the height of each
miniature horse, with full sliding doors and door gates.
Try using different colors, and different shades of stain on our
quality woods for different looks.  
A special thanks to Chuck Donath.
Our economy stalls are great for large
quantities, facility barns and show
Economy Stalls
Featured Products
Custom built stalls, Custom grills,
doors, and accessories available
If you are adding on, or remodeling, we can custom build doors, grills, stairs, rails
for your loft, blanket racks, saddle racks, or whatever you need to match your
existing stalls.  We can also build custom stalls to suit all your needs.
Phone:  615-374-0648     Fax:  615-374-2413     Email:  southernwelding9@bellsouth.net
A special thanks to Kenny Preston at
Hickman Creek Farm.
Premier Stalls
Our Premier Stalls are our most durable production
stall, made with 1 inch diameter grill bars, spaced 2
inches apart, with 12 gauge structural channel.  Also
available with all accessories.
Credit card purchases available.
Standard Stalls
Add a "saddle door" right into your
existing tack room.  Let us use our
imagination to make your barn a
beautiful, functional place where
you love to spend your time.
These clients are husband and
wife, sharing their barn.  They
put western pleasure crossbars
on hers, and barrel racers on
A special thanks to the Sneed family.
A special thanks to Roxanne Stahl.
A special thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Miller
We have several different
options available for
divider walls and solid end
walls.  Keep scrolling for
divider wall options.
European Style Stalls
Elegant, functional, durable...Gives your barn an elegant look you don't see everyday.  
Still very durable and very functional.  Our European stalls have swing out doors.
Our "wash bays" are an excellent way
to safely groom and wash your horse.
A special thanks to Barry and Tami Manley
A special thanks to Michael and Sara Cloud,
and congratulations to Trey Cloud, keep it up!
Check out the stairs below...if you have a problem stall,
it's ok, we custom build to go around most any problem.
How about a flat black paint, with a
darker colored stain?  We custom build
so that you get what
you like.
A special thanks to Randy and Tracy Bullard.
European Stalls
Standard Stalls
Elite Stalls
Custom Stalls
A special thanks to The LeVan family.
Elite Stalls
Our Elite stalls are very tasteful  and will
make your barn really stand out from
ordinary barns.  The vertical, and
horizontal boards  give them a very
stylish look.
The sliding doors are open air, with
grills on top and bottom.  You can also
mix and match most accessories,
including drop down head doors, feed
doors, and more.
A special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Stahl
A special thanks to Kendall Claybaker
Click on any picture
to make it bigger.
A special thank you to the Compton's in Alabama
A special thank you to the Elam family in Gallatin, TN
A special thanks to the Hornback family for allowing
us another example of how versatile Southern Cross
Horse Stalls can be.  From custom designed doors
with their logo in the middle, to custom grills.  We will
make it happen YOUR way.
Convenient hitching posts available wherever you need one.
Insulated water bucket holders come
with every "water door" ordered.
We also make dutch doors you can't
beat for durability.
Love your
paddocks with
beautiful gates
and dutch doors.
We also design and make gates, like the one below.
A special thank you to the Gilmore family in Lebanon, TN
A special thank you to Mr. and Mrs.
Grimm.  We enjoyed creating the
decorative trees they requested to give
their barn added appeal and individuality.
A special thank you to the Stoneman's
in Independence VA!   We love the
welded screen bottom on the stall
fronts for added air flow...and they look
A special thanks to Ray
Rittenhouse for allowing
Southern Cross Horse Stalls to
build these beautiful stalls.