We fabricate products for several large company's all around, Kansas, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee,
Mississippi, anywhere you may be, we can help you with ALL your industrial components.  
Our products include, but, are not
limited to,

  • material handling carts                                        
  • Work Station Tables
  • Guards
  • Sheet Metal of all types
  • Drain Pans
  • Catch Pans
  • Scrap Chutes
  • Shipping Crates

'm sure I have left something out!  We will be glad to design, or work closely with your engineering department, or maintenance
department, to fabricate anything you need.  Our shop is equipped with all the necessary equipment to do your job.

We are able to do all types of welding, including:

  • Mig
  • Tig
  • Stick
  • Solder

We can accommodate, paper drawings, Auto-Cad drawings, Pencil Drawings, and even scribble on a napkin will work.  I
look forward to working with you.  All estimates are free, so, give us a try.  Our prices are very reasonable.

We also do sub-contract work for several different shops, and would be very interested in any work from other welding
or machine shops.
  • Dumpsters
  • Industrial Platforms
  • Steps and Rails
  • Enclosed Ladders
  • Material Racks (any kind)
  • Gauge's for your Q.C. Parts
  • Machine Stands
  • Mounting Brackets of all types
  • Modify existing components  for year model changes
  • All types of Steel
  • Stainless
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Inconel and Hastaloy
Come see us, the coffee pot is always on!
Scroll down to see photo's of some of our custom components.

Phone:   615-374-0648    Fax:  615-374-2413     Email:  southernwelding9@bellsouth.net
Industrial Components