A Wide Variety Of Barn Accessories

We carry a wide variety of barn accessories, from muck carts to wall decor to outside the barn ornamental decor. As always, remember, we can custom make anything you can think of.

A rotating bridle rack is a great addition to any tack room. Very durable and good for those days when you are changing tack frequently!

This muck cart is great for shows or just around the barn! It will haul your saddle and tack from trailer to barn, then fold back the saddle rack to muck the stalls. The heavy-duty design will outlast standard muck carts.

The picnic table would make a great place to hang out and enjoy the day or have some lunch. Your choice of several designs is available with and without wood with us.

Southern Welding

We offer unique bridle racks, blanket racks, and saddle pad racks for your barn. Any different designs to accommodate any type of horse owner. Designs include barrel racing, western pleasure, reining, cutting, and many more. You name your design.

Our saddle racks are heavy-duty to last and last, free-standing or wall-mounted.

With special plasma cutting machines, we can make any type of wall art you want. Even if all you have is a picture or a good description of what you want.

Let us make you a cowboy riding a bull, or a band, just one playing your favorite instrument, a pencil holder, or a business card holder out of horseshoes. Maybe you have an even better imagination and can come up with your very own unique horseshoe item!

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