Additional Products Offered by Southern Welding

Here are a few items we have available here at Southern Welding. We can custom make or change anything you see here or design something totally different. You can look at pictures and designs to develop your own unique item. Most items on this page are custom order items. Give us a call, or email a layout of your custom design for a quote.
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Come home to the entrance gates of your dreams. With designs in the gates or without. Custom designed with your style in mind.

There are countless designs for your porch, balcony or anywhere you need rails. Lets get together to create yours.

Spectacular gates for riding arenas, pasture entrances, and more.

Let us use our imagination to create a one-of-a-kind bed you can't wait to show off.

This particular bed was made from an old antique family heirloom stored away in the basement. With a little hard work and TLC, Southern Welding made it into the bed of the customers' dreams. Can also be made from scratch.

Southern Welding

This bed was custom made. The customer simply gave Southern Welding an idea of what she wanted, and she loved the end result.

With a fire pit or an indoor fireplace, you need a place to keep your firewood. Our decorative firewood racks are durable enough to last a lifetime and look great. Also, try our rolling firewood rack, with heavy-duty casters, to transport your firewood indoors or out.

We offer unique bridle racks for your barn, with different designs to accommodate any type of horse owner. Designs include barrel racing, western pleasure, reining, cutting, and many more. You name your design. Our customers also use them as coat racks and hat racks.

We can custom-make any mailbox or ranch/farm sign of any size, shape, and design.

The cemetery sign and soldier is just proof of how versatile Southern Welding is. From signs, all the way to flag poles, we can make it happen.

Let us create a band from horseshoes, or just one with your favorite instrument, riding a bull, sitting on a bale of hay or holding your business cards!

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